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2020 Workshops: A Virtual Experience

The McDonald’s® HACER® Education Tour is a series of workshop events consisting of motivational assemblies, leadership development workshops, and parental involvement workshops. The workshops aim to motivate and inspire students to overcome challenges and pursue a higher education; all to provide educators, students and parents with relevant inspirational messages and exposure to key educational resources, while bringing awareness to the McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship.

The McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship is one of the largest programs committed to college scholarships. Since 1985, it has awarded $31.5 million to Hispanic college students pursuing their higher education dreams.

El McDonald's® HACER® Education Tour es una serie de talleres que consisten en asambleas de motivación, talleres de desarrollo de liderazgo y talleres de participación de los padres. El objetivo de los talleres es motivar e inspirar a los estudiantes a superar desafíos y proseguir una educación superior; todo con el motivo de proveerle a los educadores, estudiantes y padres mensajes relevantes de inspiración y exponerlos a recursos educativos clave, a su vez creando conciencia sobre la Beca Nacional HACER® de McDonald’s®.

McDonald’s® tiene un extenso compromiso con la educación de los jóvenes Hispanos, por lo que ha realizado una inversión importante a través de su Beca Nacional HACER®. Desde su inauguración en 1985 hasta el día de hoy, McDonald’s® ha otorgado más de $31.5 millones de dólares a estudiantes con aspiraciones de estudiar en la universidad.

The 2020 Workshops have been completed

If you’ve missed a workshop, visit Coolspeak’s YouTube Channel to live the virtual experience
Deadline to apply for the HACER® Scholarship is February 3, 2021
Best of luck to all the Scholarship applicants
Now it’s YOUR time to #HACERmore

Look for us in the fall!

McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship

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McDonald’s® HACER® Education Tour

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Carlos Ojeda Jr.

Carlos Ojeda Jr.

CoolSpeak Creative Force & CEO

Carlos Ojeda Jr. has been called one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. A former university administrator, business professor and small business development center director, he now focuses his energy on empowering students, parents and teachers to succeed by teaching them that their voice is their power. He is a youth development expert, with over fifteen years of experience inspiring students from elementary school to college and education professionals in over 40 states.



Ernesto Mejia

Ernesto Mejia

CoolSpeak Partnership Cultivator & VP

Ernesto Mejia, the proud son of Mexican immigrants, is a true example of the American dream. Diagnosed with the rare disease of Guillain Barré Syndrome at the age of 16 that left him temporarily paralyzed, he was not supposed to be a successful student, much less a College Dean of Students. Through his hardships, Ernesto learned to never give up on life, he now speaks to students, parents and teachers about overcoming obstacles and never giving up on the American Dream: Education.



Natasha Carrizosa

Natasha Carrizosa

CoolSpeak Motivational Speaker

Natasha Carrizosa, a poet, writer, and spoken word artist. Her work is deeply rooted in her childhood and life experiences. Raised as the daughter of an African-American mother and Mexican father, her writing reflects the dichotomy of these two rich cultures. She has a powerful and unique voice. Natasha is able to speak about the appreciation and beauty of our diversity that lives within us all. She has performed her work and conducted workshops for audiences in Madrid, Paris, St. Lucia, New York, Chicago, Houston and countless other cities.



Julissa Calderon

Julissa Calderon

Actor & Activist

Julissa Calderon is an Afro-Latinx actress, writer, producer, and director from Miami, based in Los Angeles. She can be seen playing the dynamic role of Yessika Castillo, a strong-willed activist, in the MACRO/Netflix series, GENTEFIED. Prior to that, she spent two-years at Buzzfeed’s Pero Like channel where her videos garnered over 100 million views across digital platforms. Julissa is passionate about Afro-Latino representation and challenging Latino stereotypes. Some of her videos such as “Pelo Bueno, Pelo Malo” and “Sammy Sosa’s skin color rant” have been featured in numerous news outlets. She is currently on a multi-college speaking tour where she uses her platform to share and celebrate her experiences as an Afro-Latinx woman.